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Terrace waterproofing

Terrace Waterproofing is subject to very demanding conditions. The waterproofing must be weather resistant, watertight and resistant to foot traffic. Furthermore due to the high degree of thermal movement in these areas any system used must be crack bridging.

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Bathroom waterproofing

Bathrooms are the major wet area in the house and it is important that the bathroom is correctly waterproofed in order to reduce the risk of structural damage occurring as a result of dampness, water leaks, or condensation.

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External weather proof

The external walls face the direct brunt of rain and other changes in weather. Therefore, it is not enough to just decorate the building, but also waterproof it.

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water tank

Leaking pipes & tanks tend to cause. a lot of damage because the problem is often only noticed at a fairly late stage. We can repair damage, seal leaks and all other leakage problems using quality and durable chemicals.

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swimming pool

Swimming pool repair and waterproofing or "underground concrete water tank" requires that the coating and sealants must be capable of retaining a great amount of "negative hydrostatic pressure". We provide quality and durable swimming pool waterproofing services.

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industrial flooring

We provide the complete industrial flooring solutions to match the needs of our clients. Whether you require chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to heavy loads, ease of maintenance or all of the above, we will be able to provide a satisfying solution for you.

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